Our Story

The Lycan Foundation was created in the year 1980, as a legacy of the last member of the algonquian Iðiniwü family, which originally came from Ontario, but ubicated since the Independence War in the North of Michigan.

The Algonquians are animists, I mean; they have strong religious believes in the nature.

Actually there are reserves in some states, but at the moment, most of them are spread through the American society.

The Iðiniwü family had a special relation with nature, some legends connect their history to the Wendigo: the seventh son of each generation had the ability of transforming in wolf.

This mutation was happening after obtaining the adult age (fifteen years for the Algonquians) and always after listening to voices that were coming from the deepest of the forest.

Nowadays the best psychologists of the world, are studying this strange phenomenon immediately after that Joseph-Pierre Durand du Gros (1826-1901), father of the hypnotism, spoke about the Lycanthropy as an atavistic call of the nature to which the human being was answering with the most primitive instincts.

The Lycan Foundation has objectives as protect, restore the legacy of Iðiniwü, and the spreading of its discoveries and its History.

For example, one of the first actions of The Lycan Foundation is the production of an exposition which starts in Newberry (Michigan) and will go through almost tall the American States.

But the most important aim is develop studies related to the science of the lycanthropy, in Algonquian land or in any part of the world where the lycanthropes exist, favoring its scientific spreading, its study for specializing experts, as well as the investigation of past cases and its recovery of an attempt of dignifying of the historical memory of those who along the history had the quality of transforming.

Staff and Board Directors
George Myssachusets

Executive Director

Bertha Ills


Paul Maher

Vice Chair

Dan Steil


Van Halbach


Sarah Pullman

Director of Donor Relations

Rebecca Liulfe

Administrative Coordinator

Ivort Macsaw

Honorary President. In Memoriam

Abey Williamson. Initiatives Coordinator initiatives@lycanfoundation.org

Hayden Brown. Publication Management publication@lycanfoundation.org

Keira Goldenvalley. Researcher specialized in Algonkian studies

Jayden Chapelsales. Investigator

Seven McKelligon. Research Management researchs@lycanfoundation.org

Raylee Guarino. External Relations e.relations@lycanfoundation.org

Arnie Blue. Anthropologist & Zooanthropic Studies

Briona Piglet-Choi. Senior Investigator