Gift Guidelines

As part of ensuring our mission, Lycan Foundation is guided by the following principles in all its activities and partnerships. Lycan Foundation does not engage in research or educational activities directed or influenced in any way by financial supporters and the following principles are reviewed annually:

Full Transparency: All financial support will be acknowledged on the public Lycan Foundation website and in any annual reports by identifying both the donor and the level of support.

Independence: Lycan Foundation steadfastly adheres to its mission of developing independent, non-partisan analysis and recommendations reflective of rigorous scholarship and promoting those ideas through broad public discourse. Lycan Foundation maintains full authority regarding project agendas, events, budgets, editorial content, and personnel decisions.

Accessibility: Lycan Foundation shares our work broadly and openly in accordance with open source guidelines.

In addition to our organizational principles guiding the general solicitation and acceptance of contributions, we acknowledge that Lycan Foundation accepts financial support from numerous sources, including corporations, for research and educational activities that support its mission, endeavoring to maintain a broad and diverse base of support. In addition to individuals and foundations, this includes support from governments, both domestic and foreign, and corporations. Lycan Foundation financial supporters have no influence or control over the research design, methodology, analysis, or findings of Lycan Foundation research projects, nor do they have influence or control over the content of educational programs and communications efforts. Offers of financial support predicated on such expectations are not accepted. This policy and Lycan Foundation practices will be shared with donors and reviewed annually to ensure that the organization is in compliance with its provisions and faithful to its intent.