Iðiniwü Family House Museum

The headquarter of the Lycan Foundation is locates in the north of U.S.A., in Newberry, which is one of the coldest cities in Michigan, land where the lakes are more abundant tan the people.

Very close is the algonkian reserve of Iðiniw, betwen Ontario (Canadá) and Wisconsin.

But it is also the Museum where you can see part of the most important legacy of the Lycan Foundation, that of the Iðiniwü family, the last owners of the house.

This is the only museum dedicated to Agonkian culture in the whole country, and with special emphasis on lycanthropy culture, since some of the men throughout 17 generations of the Iðiniwü family had the ancestral capacity of lycanthropy, with connections to the animal world lost millennia ago.

The House Museum consists of several different spaces that we divide by theme. The hall and adjoining rooms serve as the reception and administration offices of the Foundation.

The Central Hall, rebuilt with the furniture and objects salvaged from the 1976 fire, is the space where we usually receive groups and from where we begin the guided tours.

One of the most loved spaces by our visitors is the main bedrooms, which in several generations were occupied by lycanthropes. It is the walls themselves that attended the mutation, which will tell us the story through interactive projections.

In an annex to the house, we have the barn, where the most rebellious family members were locked up for centuries.

And several meters from the house, separated by a garden, we have the school that, even until the middle of the last century, was the only one that spread the culture and language of the Algonquians.

Contact our administrative coordinator, Rebecca Liulfe to arrange group visits: rebecca.liufe@lycanfoundation.org.