Silver bullets

In most of the history of our world, werewolves had no specific way to kill them. They could die the same way a witch or even a vampire would be killed. Normally, those accused of lycanthropy were dismembered or burned. However, this changed in France in 1764 with the Gevaudan beast. We have already discussed this case on, but it is worth remembering that it was the beginning of the silver bullets to kill werewolves.

A huge wolf, along with a pack of wolves also unusually large, terrorized the province of Gevaudan. It is estimated that more than a hundred people died under the jaws of the beast. The fear grew so great that people thought it was a gigantic werewolf with a taste for human flesh. Even King Louis XV had to intervene by sending soldiers and hunters from his court.

Finally it was Jean Chastel who brought down the beast. He had loaded his weapon with silver bullets blessed by a priest. The bullets were made by melting a silver cup delivered by the church. It is for this reason that silver bullets began to be believed to be especially deadly for lycanthropes.