Werewolves and vampires were very much alike

Vampire and werewolf legends have always gone hand in hand in ancient times. The Greeks thought that werewolves rose from the grave like vampires. They were thought to attack and kill people by taking their breath away. It was also believed that one of her favorite hobbies was going into houses and taking babies. It is clear that the Greeks viewed lycanthropes in a very different way.

He was not the only ones who mixed vampirism with lycanthropy. In the ancient Serbian they had a being called vlkoslak, which was a mixture of vampire and wolf-shaped beast. They only came out on freezing winter nights. The belief was that they sometimes held parties in the woods, where they removed their wolf fur and hung it on trees. If someone was able to steal the skin and burn it, the vlkoslak would heal and go back to being human.